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This is a platform for authors and editors to easily connect and accomplish the objective that writers and editors have in mind, to capture the reader with an intense don't put me down read.  The platform rules are simple.  Be cool.  There are no monitors because if you sign up here, it is expected that you are a professional..

As the platform grows, so will the resources.  Together we'll create a library of the most current resources available to complete our objectives.


Val Amant Read a Book Register then visit the library to select the read that captures your wants and needs. Participate in fun contests and competitions (are you really reading the read or z'ing out!?!)

The authors and editors here are here for you. Don't you feel privileged? Then write the author a nice review.



As a member of this platform you'll be provided your own page.  This page is not intended to be your personal business platform.  However, it serves as 1) a backlink to yours and 2) another place to sell yourself and your writes.

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The fee is a whopping $12/year to help maintain the domain and server which are third party costs.  Administration and development is donated by VALCORE llc.

You'll be given a backend page to manage your page and assets.  As well, you can solicit the services for alpha reads, beta reads, and the various stages of editing.  You make the deal with the editor(s).  We also hope to add publishing and marketing into the mix as the platform grows.  Some authors prefer to work through agents, considering, we'll attempt to attrack agents to our platform as well.

We'll provide a comment and review area to discuss our reads and when things build, we'll sponser contests where authors can win featured reviews and giftcards.

Please note that on this platform authors can be alpha readers for no charge only.

An alpha reader is sometimes called a first reader. ... If you use an alpha reader, you'll definitely want him or her to take a crack at your book before passing it on to a content editor, if you've hired one. The purpose of the alpha reader is to see if the overall structure of your book works.



Val Amant Read a Book Editors are the backbone of any writer and are taken with great seriousness, dependence.  This is your chance as an editor to show your talents to the world.  On this platform you'll have firstplace to choose the gigs that you'd prefer to pursue.  You can provide your client with a link to your platform or conduct your business right here.  We take no part in your fee.  Your business is between you and your client.  However as is for the authors, there is a $12/year fee to help with the domain and server.

Editors can sign up as authors and authors can sign up as editors as well.  The writersaffair.com team is always available for any questions or concerns.  Both authors and editors can tag themselves as alpha readers with their own contingencies (short stories only, up to 10k words, no editing, etc).


Vladimir A. Toman

Al Toman, owner

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